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We’ve all be in that situation where someone has said a word, perhaps one we haven’t heard before (think back to the first time you heard the word ‘cisgender’ perhaps? It probably wasn’t THAT long ago) and when we’ve enquired further, we’ve been met with “It’s not my job to educate you.”

This response is a fair one. Some women are sick to death of having to explain key feminist concepts over and over again to people who they believe should just know better and we respect that. But navigating the internet to find something that is both accessible and intellectual can be hard and often leaves young women and teenagers frustrated and wondering where they can find answers to their questions. We see you and we want to help you learn, but part of that means learning to respect that other women don’t have to educate you on your ignorance if they don’t want to. (As frustrating as it can be!)

That’s why we created F is for Feminism. So that you can learn more about key concepts that fall under the wide feminist umbrella that are insightful, intelligent and most importantly, accessible. We seek out feminist writers who have lived the experiences they write about, because every woman should have a voice.

We are not here to pander to men, we already do that every day of our lives. While we welcome men to read our words and learn more about feminism, we do not exist to heal their fragile little egos and only honest, intelligent and thoughtful questions will be met with answers.

We are proudly and fiercely intersectional. On that note, we remember that that even the most intersectional feminists still have lots to learn and as such, we are committed to continually improving our own intersectionality through listening to the widest number of women we can possibly reach. We’re ready to check our own privilege and hope you are too!

Welcome to F is for Feminism.

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