Men’s Code of Conduct


Dear men,

Welcome to F is for Feminism, a space where young women can learn about key concepts and engage in discussions about feminism and the fight for equal standing in society.

We welcome you into our space, however as this is a safe space for women (particularly young women), it’s important that you enter this space respectfully and follow the rules that we have established to ensure this space remains safe.

You might think this is a silly idea, but if you saw the sheer number of threats and abuse women receive online, you’ll understand why it’s important we have these rules…


  1. Any comments that are deemed as harassment or sexist in nature will be deleted and their creators blocked and, in serious cases, will be reported to the necessary law enforcement agencies. Rape and death threats from men only serve to prove just how important feminism is.
  2. We literally have zero time for any childish jokes, especially those about making sandwiches.
  3. While we will discuss some men’s issues that relate to feminism and how men are also affected by the patriarchy, this is not a space for men’s issues. If you care that much about the struggles of men, please take the time to donate your time or money to a charity or cause helping men, we recommend Men’s Shed or Movember. Better yet? Join us! Because feminism benefits everyone.
  4. In relation to the above, Men’s Rights Activists are not men who believe in fighting men’s issues, such as depression, suicide and custody of their children. Instead, they aim to uphold many of the things feminism is trying so hard to end, including rape culture. MRA’s will be banned on arrival.
  5. You may join in on the discussions, however mansplaining is strictly banned. Please ensure all your discussion points or questions fulfil the following criteria: thoughtful, intelligent, honest.
  6. Take the time to listen. Men just don’t do it enough, especially when it comes to women talking about their experiences with sexual harassment. Our experiences are not made up or exaggerated, so instead of gaslighting us, why not reflect on your own actions and those of the men in your lives and try to improve. This includes shutting down other men’s gross comments or actions, and not standing back in silence or laughing at their antics.
  7. We have a zero tolerance policy towards racist, transphobic, homophobic and ableist comments. We don’t care about your thoughts on Muslim men being more dangerous than white men, because it’s not based in fact and is just an opportunity for you to flex your racism. No thanks!
  8. We will not be engaging in debates about #notallmen. Sure, not all men rape, but yes all men make rape jokes, or have laughed at rape jokes, or haven’t backed up women when we’ve begged someone to stop making rape jokes or have become angry when their favourite sporting star is charged with rape and banned from the game, causing said men to complain that “his actions off the field shouldn’t damage his career!”. Not to mention, all men benefit from Male Privilege. So as far as we’re concerned, YES ALL MEN!
  9. Think before you speak. Ask yourself two questions before you speak: 1. Would you be ok with another man saying it to your mother, sister or daughter? AND 2. Would you say this to a woman’s face? If not, then it’s high time you went and reflected on your actions.
  10. Take what you learn here and apply it in real life. Listen to the women in your life when they speak about their experiences. Support them. Help them break down barriers in small ways, where possible. You’ll be a better person for it.
  11. If you resort to attacks about our appearance or other irrelevant things, you have just proved you are unable to partake in intelligent, thoughtful debate and are unwelcome here.
  12. If you’re unable to respect these rules, it’s best you leave now.

Thank you for respecting our safe space and our rules,

The FifF Team.

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