How many times have you been in a situation where someone has said something grossly sexist or misogynistic and you’ve been so flabbergasted that it’s rendered you silent? We’re here to help. These comebacks have been submitted by our community so that you’re prepared next time an asshole starts snarking at you.

For all those outdated women in the kitchen jokes…

Man: Get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich!

Response: Last I checked, 90% of the world’s top chefs were men, which by my calculations must mean that men are inherently better cooks than women… therefore you are definitely better equipped to make your own sandwich than me.

For men who can’t understand how it’s still men who are the bad guys…

Man: But men in prison get raped way more than free women!

Response: So you admit that rape is perpetrated by men in an attempt to wield power over another person’s body? Which makes it something that men need to stop doing, not women. Also, isn’t it a little off that you care more about incarcerated men who committed actual crimes already than innocent women?

For homophobes…

Man: You’re just a dirty dyke/lesbian who hates men.

Response: Your belief that dyke/lesbian is an insult proves you’re not only sexist, but homophobic too.

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