Author - Kristen Field

Kristen is an aspiring playwright and professional fangirl. She loves waxing poetic about lesbian representation and queer issues and becomes obsessed with shows as diverse as Glee, Mad Men, Grey’s Anatomy, and Girls. (Seriously, her taste is all over the shop. She has Sia, The Civil Wars, and Kristin Chenoweth in her iTunes Library.)
Kristen is currently stressing out about potentially starting graduate school in the United States later in the year and will happily talk for hours about the importance of new plays, her love for musical theatre (except for Andrew Lloyd Webber, don’t get her started on him) and how amazing Stephen Sondheim is, and if she could recommend one album and one show, at the moment, they would be the Fun Home Broadway Cast Recording and the ridiculously adorable (and adorably ridiculous) Supergirl.

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