5 Feminist Projects Started By Famous Women (That You Should Know About) 


It wasn’t that long ago (the 90’s, in fact) that feminism was declared dead and unnecessary, that women stopped fighting as hard and it almost disappeared off the radar. So it’s awesome that in 2016, we’re lucky to see LOTS of different women – of all ages, professions and cultures – are talking about and fighting in the name of Feminism, in LOTS of different ways.

It’s especially cool that we’re starting to see our favourite female celebrities using their fame to educate the world about women’s issues and combat inequality. Their wide audience is the perfect platform to bring awareness to issues that affect our lives, which we are so on board with.

So we’ve picked five lady superstars, and their entrepreneurial Feminist projects, that we think deserve your attention right now…

Rose Byrne’sThe Dollhouse Pictures’

If you don’t know Aussie-born, kick-arse comedic actress, Rose Byrne, then you absolutely should.

Not only did she captivate us with her super suspenseful show, Damages, but she also starred in the greatest female-driven comedy EVER, Bridesmaids.

After all that success, she’s come home to start her own movie production company, ‘The Dollhouse Pictures’. So, what makes ‘The Dollhouse’ so awesome? It’s run exclusively by female filmmakers! This is important because there’s such a lack of girl-writers, directors, producers and cinematographers in the entertainment industry. And, since Rose is such a well-respected woman, both in Hollywood and at home, she’s the perfect person to change the stats!

Find out more about ‘The Dollhouse Pictures’ here.


Amy Poehler’s ‘Smart Girls’

Most of us know Amy Poehler from SNL, Mean Girls, Parks & Recreation and basically every hilarious thing that’s ever existed. Whenever some guy tells me that women aren’t funny, Amy Poehler is ALWAYS my counter-attack.

But something about Amy I bet you didn’t know, is that she’s the founder of a revolutionary website for young Feminists (much like F is for Feminism).

‘Amy’s Smart Girls’ is a forum where young women can talk about healthy, empowering and intellectually stimulating topics, rather than the superficial things that men (and even sometimes older women) often assume we speak about.

It encourages girls to focus on their brains and inner-beauty, rather than worrying about unrealistic outer-beauty standards (which totally don’t matter).

Find out more about ‘Amy’s Smart Girls’ here.


Emma Watson’s ‘He For She’

Emma Watson’s no stranger to being a bold, brave woman in a tough world… She kept Harry, Ron AND Voldemort in check throughout the entire Harry Potter series, and she gave a voice to misunderstood teenagers everywhere in Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Her latest bold move is her Feminist initiative ‘He For She’.

The aim of ‘He For She’ is to bring men and women together as a team, to achieve gender equality on a global scale.

Inviting men to be a part of her cause has been, both, a blessing and a curse to Emma. On one hand, she’s encountered a lot of criticism, and even death threats, from Misogynistic, Feminist-phobic men (who we have zero time for at FiFF). But, on the other hand, she’s strengthened her global influence by recruiting some big male influencers like Harry Styles, Tom Hiddleston, Eddie Redmayne and Lin-Manuel Miranda!

Find out more about ‘He For She’ here.


Zooey Deschanel’s ‘Hello Giggles’

Zooey Deschanel may look and act like the perfect manic pixie dream girl in (500) Days of Summer and New Girl, but she’s no pushover.

She’s determined to prove that you can be ‘adorkable’ and a sassy, empowered Feminist at the same time. That’s why she and her best mates, Sophia and Molly, created ‘Hello Giggles’.

‘Hello Giggles’ is a positive platform, combining the fun stuff, like baking recipes, style trends, 90’s nostalgia and baby animal videos, with the important stuff, like strong, informed female opinions on current events.

It’s the best website to peruse if you want to learn how to get rainbow hair AND read about Donald Trump’s latest bigoted rant, ALL in the same place!

Find out more about ‘Hello Giggles’ here.


Elizabeth Banks’s ‘WhoHaha

Elizabeth Banks has got it all. She’s talented, smart, beautiful, funny, and she was lucky enough to wear all of Effie’s outrageously fab outfits in The Hunger Games!

So, she decided to pass the baton to other talented, smart, beautiful, funny women, who don’t have the same exposure as her, by creating ‘WhoHaha’.

‘WhoHaha’ scouts witty, fresh, original female faces from around the world, and gives them an audience.

Elizabeth understands that there are SO many brilliant, hilarious women, making vlogs and other online content out there, who deserve to be seen.

She’s even shared episodes of The Katering Show – an Aussie webseries, starring comedy duo, Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney (which you should 100% watch, if you haven’t already)!

Find out more about ‘WhoHaha’ here.


While the initiatives of these five women influencing not only the industry they work in but also the people who admire them is truly awesome, they barely brush the surface of what other women are achieving at all levels of society. If you’ve got a favourite feminist-driven initiative happening that you’d like to share with us, let us know in the comments! Who knows, it might be featured here one day…

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